It is important that we leave the earth in a good condition for our kids so they can pass it on to the next generation in their turn. Today our earth is in deep need of more friends and we want to do as much as possible to do as little damage as we can on this planet. That’s why sustainability is very important for us. We want our children and their children to be able to enjoy our fantastic nature as much as we enjoy it now.


Ethical Production

We choose carefully the partners we like to work with. Not only are our co-workers people we like working with, but they share our view on environmental consciousness. We have an overview of the entire production, from fabric production to transportation of final garment to customer. We have all our suppliers close to us in Europe and they share our view on ethical production.


Reduce the Need to Consume

The basic concept of Alice & Ted is to make durable clothes. We choose durable fabrics and material and design the garments with e.g. enforcements to make them last a long time. We want the clothes to be used for years and hopefully passed on to younger kids. By using quality clothes that lasts longer, the need to consume reduces.


Reducing Chemical Impact

We work with supplier that make bluesign® certified fabrics. The bluesign® standard considers all inputs, processes and technologies at their source. Through this so-called input stream management, chemical components containing critical substances can be handled in a safe way. Read more on


Minimizing Waste

Alice & Ted buys fabric that is overproduced. That means it is leftover from other productions and just laying on a shelf in storage.


Organic & Recycled

We only use materials that are environmenally certified and/or organic and/or recycled or and/or biodegradable.{:}{:sv}