Our Commitment

Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

We believe in long-lasting and quality products. Whether we are talking about our furniture, books, or clothes, it’s a waste of resources if they are poorly made.

We design clothes for our own children who love to climb, run, slide, and just play. They need durable clothes that don’t rip after their first downhill slide or are to tight to move around in just because it’s a ”girls fit”.

Children should be able to play and explore the world. Playing is necessary to develop their motor skills, balance, creativity, and basic abilities. Our goal is that everything we do, should be the best thing we have ever done. We work hard to make our products outstanding.

Sustainable and ethically made

All our clothes are made of carefully sourced recycled or environmentally friendly fabrics in a factory with a safe environment. The garments are constructed to be extra durable. Fabrics, seems, and making allow the children to play in them over and over again. We want our products to be handed down to siblings, friends, or relatives.


The function driven design and high technical fabrics liberates and facilitates when playing. The engineered construction supports children to develop their motor skills, balance, creativity, and basic abilities. The pieces are versatile, designed for all seasons and many activities, and can be used all year round in many environments and weather conditions. We want all kids to focus on being free, have fun, explore, to be full of energy and life.


Alice and Ted makes clothes that are great value for your money. We are selling all our garments online and don’t need any middle hands. We can therefore afford to use higher quality fabrics, threads, and making in our clothes. We are a small organisation with a small overhead and can put more back into good quality garments, timeless pieces that will last forever.


We are not putting the garments in a gender stereotypic tray. We are not telling you what color you should buy or which fit the clothes should have based on your child’s gender. Our clothes are for all children, girls and boys like to play as much. Our pieces will allow them to be themselves and to help them grow their own personalities.

All Season = No Season

We want to eliminate seasons and offer summer and winter garments all year round. New items arrive throughout the year.


The garments can all be machine washed. The clothes are made to maintain their look and feel efter use and wash. It should be easy, NO drycleaning needed, wich is much better for the environment.

Service & Direct Delivery

We can communicate directly with you and give you the best service possible. Our direct communication will help us learn from you and help us make the best playwear there is. We know that you want whats best for your little ones and so do we.