Garment Care

We are very conscious about the environment during our production process. However we are also keen that our products make as little impact on the environment during its entire life cycle. So here are some tips and tricks on how to get your Alice & Ted garment to last as long as possible. For specific care instructions for any of our products, refer to the printed tag inside the garment, or see our product information pages.

Washing the garments

Wash the garments in 40 degrees. If the garment is stained, first use a little soap and water only on the stain. You do not need to wash the entire garment if it is not necessary.

Adding detergent

Do not put more detergent in the washing machine than stated on the package! The laundry does not get cleaner, you risk ruining your clothes, washing machine, and it’s not good for the environment! With too much detergent is a great risk that the machine fails to wash out all detergent but remain in the garment and you may experience skin irritation or allergy. Additionally, the product may start to lose color when the pH level changes in combination with the temperature. Use eco-labeled detergents!


If possible dry the garments outside. There is nothing like the smell of air dried clothes. Remember that strong sun can bleach the clothes. Avoid dry cleaning, it is tough on the environment and your health. Perchloroethylene, the chemical used by most dry cleaners, pollutes the air, ground, and water, and can cause health problems. Plus, our clothes don’t require it.

Avoid Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine Bleach is linked with many health problems, it pollutes the water and it’s harsh on fabrics. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches are safer for you, gentler on your fabrics and break down into water and oxygen in the environment.


If ironing, please iron on the other side when there is a print. Do not iron snaps.