Den Verkliga Kostnaden

We believe in making products that last and meet our expected quality. We also believe in making considered choices. Therefore we understand that our customers want to understand the value our what the prices reflect. Here we describe what the true cost of producing our garments are.


We work with suppliers that produce materials that are Bluesign® certified and/or organic and/or recycled or and/or biodegradable. These fabrics are not produced in the same quantities as non-environmentally friendly fabrics. We all have a responsibility to keep the environment in good shape and we are prepared to pay more for environmentally friendly fabrics.

Ethical responsibility

In the last decade alone, seven hundred workers have died in factory collapses and fires in the very small region outside Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. As the demand for cheap clothing grows in the west, brands continue to look for ways to race to the bottom on prices, and sadly this involves cutting corners on health and safety. Brands will by no means admit to this.

We only work with European factories and suppliers. This is because we want to keep everything close to us and make sure working conditions are good, the salaries are ok, and it is a healthy environment. We don’t want the cheapest production. We want the best production keeping our ethical values.

Being independent

We are a small family owned company, meaning we can make quick decisions and we don’t have to cut corners when it comes to quality and construction.  We don’t have big backers or organizations behind us. That means that sample costs, traveling, patterns etc become proportionally larger for us.

Small production

We do not produce large quantities and can therefore not take advantage of price reduction that comes with mass production. When we don’t meet the factories’ minimums they apply surcharges. We produce small quantities that reflect current demand.

No compromises

We mentioned it above, but it is worth saying again: we don’t cut corners. Our focus is on making the best product there is. We don’t reduce features in order to press the price down. If we think the product needs reinforcements, better threads, a pocket, or a high quality zipper, it will be part of the product despite higher costs.


We are only working with producers who have real passion and pride in what they do, and who will take pride in also working with us. We source the best factories and partners that specialize in what we are making. If it’s authentic, if it’s real and they’re the best at what they do, then our product will also be the best it can be.

We feel that mass-produced cheap goods would mean compromising environmental responsibility, function, and design. Our prices reflect the true cost of making the best children’s playwear possible.